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Black Swell

The home

Ocean Grove design Black Swell, walks between bold and understated challenging ideas on how form, shape and colour can create a home that responds to its local environment context.

  • Designed as a family home, the three bedrooms are zoned for proximity yet still provide privacy.
  • Alongside the centrally positioned stairwell, the front to rear hallway provides abundant natural light and links the houses formal and informal spaces.
  • Green space at the top of the stairs prompts your eyes to wander across the expanse of the second level. Starting from the rear deck and through the kitchen, the visual journey concludes overlooking the tree canopies, meticulously framed by towering windows and louvres, to capture the summertime sea breeze.

What the home owners say

‘We love the result. It is progressive and different, and it makes a pretty bold statement on the street… We love coming home at the end of the day and the house still takes our breath away when we turn into the street. We really love it’.


Build: Vand Builders

Photography: Nic Stephens Photography

Interiors: Mel Wilson Interiors