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Connewarre Gable

The Home

The ‘Connewarre Gable’ home design was created with both the present and future in mind. What started as a hand sketch on a piece of paper now represents a dream home for intimate gatherings with friends and robust future family living.

  • The over-sized kitchen and lounge area in the middle of the house is a place to congregate, enjoy the surrounding natural aspect whilst maintaining individual spaces. You can lounge on the day bed or lay by the fire, staring up and the towering ceiling.
  • Separate bedroom wings to retreat to allows guests and residents private, contemplative space.
  • Driven by their early years and comfortable family homes, the clients had a particular colour palette in mind. Naturally inspired pastels compliment rather than contrast, ahead of their time in terms of colour trends and aesthetic.
  • Materials were deliberately chosen for their timeless appeal, timber floors and ‘weatherboard’ look cladding were paired with contemporary favourites such as concrete and metals to create spaces that forever create interest.

A dream home for our clients, we’re so pleased with this modern adaptation of their childhood favourite spaces, designed to evolve just as their dreams and lives will.

What the home owners say

We had a lot of ideas on what we wanted for our house but having Guy guide us through the motions and different outlooks on our dream home was great. Having a picture of your home coming together can sometimes be quite difficult… Guy put it altogether for us and bringing it to the end result of how it’s going to look was exciting.


Build: Vand Builders

Images: Nic Stephens Photography